Get Twice the Website Traffic with ½ Effort

March 23, 2015


Do you remember those “EZ” gadgets that convert those efforts and energy of yours to twice its output? Imagine bicycles that give you twice the distance covered with half of the energy spend on paddling. How about those washing machines? Do you see their value in your life? It’s nice to know that there are lots and lots of strategies and thingamajigs that can convert half of your effort to twice its results. If you are planning to gather website traffic, there will also be some tips and tricks that can give you twice the traffic while exerting half the effort.


So whether you are aiming for targeted website traffic or just scheming for some additional traffic, here are 7 useful tips and tricks to multiply those lazy strategies into big time blowouts!


Add a couple of friends and share something great on social media

It would take you about 10-15 minutes to add a couple of connections with your social media accounts. Although these are small in numbers, it could be a big deal if these connections became your biggest leverage in your business. Remember, connections are great investments in your online business.

Get one or two interesting articles on the internet and share it

Did you hear about the latest Facebook trend? Did you know that SEO got something big that it could change the way you optimize for right traffic? A little bit of news research wouldn’t hurt your time. Just drop in a couple of interesting news (better if they are mostly talking about) and expect a little bit of engagement and some other shares to generate. This widens your reach and hopefully, gives you additional traffic for your site.

Buy site traffic from suppliers

Another “lazy” strategy is to buy cheap traffic (but be sure it’s high quality and premium) from trusted traffic suppliers. These are quite cheaper compared to other traffic service providers, but they can still give equal results. But you need to be careful, not all trusted websites can be trusted at all. This is certainly why you must need to do some further research about your traffic suppliers first.

Re-post some of your past articles and update them (if possible)

Ever posted something that went viral one to two months ago? You can still use them! Just update those works, add something new to them (or even refurbish everything while keeping the core message intact) and you can expect to have the same results (or even better) with your newly “created” content.

Target your traffic

Remember how targeted traffic works? You get more conversion rate. You get more than the usual traffic because they are all interested in your niche. And did you know that if you buy traffic, it would do wonders? Think of it like this. It is much better for a website to have 1,000 targeted traffic than having 10,000 untargeted traffic staying on your website.


Bonus Tip

You could also do some research about the latest traffic trend that most successful marketers use. This may not only give you half the effort in coming up with a new one, it will also give a higher success rate since it is already proven effective.



So website owners and marketers alike, getting the traffic that you want doesn’t require too much effort. You only need to find other alternative ways to get website traffic!