I. Type of Traffic Delivered

Q: What type of traffic you deliver?

A: Our traffic is composed of 70% expired domains traffic and 30% pop-under traffic.

Q: Where does your traffic come from?

A: Our traffic comes from a network of websites that we directly manage. Aside from these self-managed sites, we also have network partners and publishers that help us expand our traffic network to give you more diverse traffic.

Utilizing a unique algorithm, visitors will reach one of our own or partnered websites or domains, click your link, and they will get redirected to your site.

Q: Do you deliver real human traffic?

A: Yes, we only deliver 100% real human traffic.  Visitors need to click your link from our own or partnered websites in our network to reach your site.

Visitors are paired depending on the target category and country that you placed when you ordered a traffic package. We deliver non-incentivized traffic that can match your targets.

This is why we ask our customers to optimize their websites to increase their chances of attracting clicks.

Q: What kinds of URLs are accepted?

A: All types of website URLs, landing pages or squeeze pages can be accepted. However, URLs with these elements cannot run on our traffic system:

– Forced javascript prompts
– Additional popup windows
– Trojans, malwares of any kind
– Links to PTP sites
– iFrames to external sites
– Frame breaking URLS

Q: How can you guarantee that the purchased amount of visits (Ex. 2,000 per day) will be delivered in a day?

A: We know how much visitors we receive for our network to determine our inventory.  If we see that a client site won’t receive the necessary amount of visits, our script will add more sites to ensure that the daily cap is reached.

Q: Can I split two campaigns in one traffic order?

A: Splitting of campaigns can only be allowed for PREMIUM packages of 100,000 and above. The package will be divided into two equal parts (50,000 each for 100k package) and will be delivered on the agreed number of days.


 II. Traffic Quality

Q: Can you deliver your traffic all at once or is there a specific period of delivery?

A: Delivery of the traffic depends on what kind of package you ordered. If you order the 3-day fast delivery, we will deliver your traffic within three working days.

If you ordered without the express delivery, the traffic is usually delivered for 15 days unless there are some special instructions from your end. Should you have different requirements on the delivery of the campaign (you want to spread it for the whole month), please indicate it in the Comments field in the order form.

Q: Is your traffic AdSense safe?

A: With our years of delivering traffic, we have not received any complaints that our traffic caused problems to our clients with AdSense. With that being said, yes our traffic is AdSense SAFE.

Still, we advise our clients to mention this first since AdSense requires a website to receive steady amounts of traffic over time. With this, we distribute our traffic evenly to those websites has AdSense.

Q: Does your traffic guarantee that we can increase our conversion rate or even our rank?

A: A number of our clients do experience conversion; however, we do not guarantee this as it depends on how your website engages with the traffic that we will send to you.  The traffic we provide is niche targeted, not keyword targeted, but they are potentially interested visitors as they are paired in accordance to your chosen category.  Conversion is also based on the overall hits and not just tracked by Google Analytics alone.

For a visitor to convert, they would have to desire your product or service at the very moment they end up on your site.

Q: Do you have control on the traffic’s bounce rate, time on site, etc.?

A: This is entirely dependent on how your site will establish a connection to the visitors. The visitors we send have their own decisions on when to stay and when to leave from your website. Real human website traffic can still choose their own actions when they are inside your website.

 Q: What should I do to make them stay and make them buy?

A: Here are some suggestions that can help you launch a better converting campaign:

    1. Have a catchy logo and tag line – Your brand’s logo and tag line will be the insignia of your website. Your website is more likely remembered by visitors whenever they see your logo and what you really offer.
    2. One Action – Giving your viewers too many options will confuse them. As much as possible, use a landing site where minimal action is available so that website viewers would enjoy staying on your page. Remember, a good user experience can lead to great conversions.
    3. Description Pages – This will be your one shot in showing your viewers what you got. As much as possible, lay out all the required details and cross out the unnecessary ones. This will help your visitors understand your website’s agendas clearly, enticing them to visit your website.


III. Campaign Details

Q: Should the traffic start right after I placed my order?

A: It will depend on the time that you ordered.

We always set each campaign right after the order has been placed, however, we only work from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday (GMT+10). All orders placed beyond this time are automatically setup on the next day or by Monday (in case you ordered targeted traffic on weekends). Rest assured that all your orders will be setup and delivered. Traffic is usually delivered 10-12 hours from the time the campaign has been setup.

Q: I tried logging in using the account details you sent but I cannot log in. Why?

A: Please be advised that our system log-ins are case sensitive. Always check your keyboard cases before entering the details. If you are redirected to another log in page, just enter your log in details again.

Q: Where and how should I track my campaign?

A: Upon successfully setting up your campaign, you will receive an email with your log in details.  You can access your user dashboard by logging into the website.  Under My Campaigns, click on View existing campaigns to check the statistics.

Depending on the campaign that you want to check, click the graph image under the Stats column to check your campaign details.  We use our own tracking system to deliver you the targeted traffic package you have purchased.  You are free to check information such as:

        • Number of Visitors
        • Displayed map showing where the visitor came from
        • Type of browser the visitor used
        • Type of platform the visitor used

Q: How accurate is your tracking system compared to others?

A: We’ve been working hard to develop our own tracking system to ensure you of a user-friendly and quality experience when it comes to checking your campaign’s statistics. We have researched, tweaked, retried scenarios, and are confident to say that our tracking system is 100% reliable and optimized for a user’s benefit.

Q: Can we use Google Analytics and other tracking software to track our campaign?

A: Yes, you can. However, we cannot guarantee that Google Analytics can give you accurate traffic data. Google Analytics as well as other traffic counters are not good at tracking redirected traffic because it does not allow 3rd party cookies.  Also, they do not record or recognize the exact number of visitors that we are sending.

We suggest sticking with our tracking system and you can counter check it via your RAW SERVER logs as it gets all the logs of visitors came to your site.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: For more info about our refund policy, please check our Purchase Agreement.

Q: Do you offer a targeted traffic package higher than 250,000 visitors?

A: If you want to order packages larger than what is offered on our site, send us a message via our CONTACT US form or email us at support@yourtraffichits.com.