Do Domain Extensions Matter in SEO and Traffic?

December 1, 2015

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We do care about our domains so much that it takes us about a days or weeks before choosing the perfect one that matches our brand. We love it so much that we don’t choose domain names that don’t hit the spot. Domain names are just one of the most important factors in attracting traffic as it triggers visits and clicks. Yes, we do find domain names important, but are we also considering their extensions? Are we also giving enough attention to our domain extension for SEO?

In today’s SEO schematics, every part of your domain name matters. From the WWW and HTTPS, to your main domain body (which should include a keyword to easily attract website traffic) , up to its domain extension, everything contributes to traffic. Everything is a part of your efforts in attracting visits.

Do domain extension matters in SEO especially in traffic?

SEO = Traffic

That’s one of the things that we’re pretty sure off. So if that’s the case, then would it be possible for domain names to affect traffic through SEO?

To find that out, let us first focus on this matter.

What are the URLS that you usually visit every day?

Usually, you’d visit social media sites like,, and the likes.

You could also add your list of video sites such as and

And hey, you shouldn’t really forget your favorite, right?

Now, have you noticed something common with these different sites? Do you think this might give a clue?

Have you noticed that the majority of these sites have the domain extension .COM? Facebook.COM? YouTube.COM? YourTrafficHits.COM?

So if we think of it thoroughly, we could say that .COM sites have a clear advantage when it comes to SEO because it’s one of the most commonly used domain extension on the Internet. So we could actually say that using .COM domain extension could help you drive traffic and increase your website hits .

But before you change your .ORG or .EDU like sites to .COM, you must first take note that domain extensions should also match your brand’s niche and objective.

Domain extension sites other than .COM

Domain extensions may not look that important to some, but there’s something that every website owner should know about it.

Extension names can also serve as authorizations. It provides reputation and authority to its brand.

For example, you’re pretty sure that you’re dealing with a very reputable and realistic website when you see a .GOV or a .EDU on its extension name. These extension names give a “secured” feeling to its visitors, which slightly improve their user experience. And as we all know, SEO focuses on user experience. So in short, we could say that AUTHORITATIVE DOMAIN EXTENSION = GREAT SEO.

Website marketers and web masters, be mindful of your domain extensions! You can’t just buy web traffic and see tons of great results quickly. Incorporate this newly imposed information on your strategy and see how it can affect your website for good!