Direct Traffic

July 21, 2014

Direct traffic is the type of traffic that usually comes to your site without passing through any referral, as in a visitor types your domain name in the URL box.

Every time you type a certain website’s URL on your web browser, you are triggering direct connection to that website.

Directed traffic is defined as visitors who come to your website on their own free will.

So technically, what does it do for your website?

• It measures the popularity of your website – If someone had directly opened your website through URL typing, most probably your website made an impact on that user. As an internet user, you won’t be typing (and memorizing) a certain URL without any reason. One good possible reason why people would directly open your website is because they think that your website is very effective enough to make a good impression. For instance, we already know that Google had proven us its usefulness by providing us answers to our queries by recommending websites. Because of that, every time we want to search for something, we would automatically type GOOGLE.COM on our web browsers.

• It improves your SERP ranking – This is one factor that search engine crawlers commonly take as a consideration. This kind of traffic could give crawlers an impression that your website is “leaving a good impact” to the users (that’s why they can go directly to your website without searching for it anymore).

Direct Traffic

• It leaves a good conversion trail – When we say conversion, it’s the transformation of visitors to become buyers or paying customers. As this traffic is concerned, those visitors that directly visit your website are more likely to buy your services. More traffic directed to you means greater conversion rate.

• Traffic Directed = Permanent traffic – When a website becomes so popular, people are more likely to memorize their URL. And in most cases, the reason why people easily remember the URL of some websites because it became a part of their search routine. When you wake up in every morning and you want to watch a video, you’ll go directly to When you want to know the latest updates and trends, you go to These websites are easily remembered because they became a part of everyone’s routine every time they open web browsers.

So how can happen this to your website? Once you already achieved these 3 aspects, then you can be sure of having traffic directed to your website.

Be easily remembered – A good construction of URL is a great factor if you want to be remembered by visitors. Make your domain name to be short, simple, and descriptive.

Be different – Make an impact to the users. Being generic and average won’t help you stand out among the rest. Make things follow your direction. You shouldn’t be “like them” rather you should be “like you”.

Be the best – Don’t hesitate to give the best information to the users. A great way for you to be remembered by visitors is to give them a good impression.

This kind of traffic is very crucial for your website. Every webmasters want this kind of traffic for their websites. With proper website handling and service offering, Direct traffic isn’t hard to achieve