Consistent Traffic – Consistent Awareness

July 28, 2014

With the fast-paced lifestyle that we have, we tend to forget some things. According to some studies, the internet (especially social media sites) had worsened our attention span of 12 minutes 10 years ago to a very short 5 seconds. That means that whatever new things that we have seen in our lives were probably forgotten by our brains.

In marketing, you can’t produce sales if your product isn’t well-known. Some items might get sales because they were “an option” to their original choice but this kind of “second choice” decision making can only produce very minimal profit. What we want is that our brand to be known by customers. And to get that certain level of brand awareness isn’t easy to achieve.

For starters, getting consistent traffic to your website can help you get that brand awareness in a jiffy. With consistent traffic flow to your website, you can be rest assured that your brand will be remembered by people who visited your website.

How can consistent flow of traffic help you show the existence of your product?

1. Consistent Viewers, Better Ranking – Google’s algorithm had been considering a website’s traffic in identifying its credibility as a website. More and more viewers who regularly visit your website, the better chances of putting your website on the top page. This will then lead to –

2. Top Page Ranking, Better Exposure – According to an article, 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results. And most probably, the one who goes on the top of the list gets the greatest exposure on the first page. With your brand on top of the organic results, more and more people will be familiar with your brand.

3. More Exposure can lead to More Traffic – With the ability to share everything that you see online, users can have the option to show their friends your brands. Once they see that your “new” brand can sustain their problem, they will share it with other people whom they think could also benefit from your product. This “side effect” could lead you not only to greater brand awareness, but also to greater chances of earning. This is what happened to Bono and Bobby Shriver’s RED campaign. Through different exposure on social media sites, more and more people came and joined the movement against AIDS. By creating a buzz that called out the attention of thousands of people all over United States, RED earned over $240 million.

Consistent traffic is the key to continuous leads and conversions.

Without consistent traffic, any website can hardly reach its goals and will be having the same conversions over and over again without improving.

Remember, consistency never leaves the memory. Think of it this way, at one point, you may forget a certain thing if you just saw it for a day or two. But if that thing was viewable for a very long time (should we say for a month), then possibly, that kind of product will be remembered by the viewers. That goes to show regular visits from your website traffic could help them remember your brand.