Check Website Unique Visitors

December 17, 2014

Check website unique visitors

If a single person who is new to your website arrived at a webpage, he is considered as a unique visitor. That certain moment he arrives at your website is the only time he can be considered as a unique visitor. Unique visitors play an important part of your website business since unique visitors are clear measure of your site popularity. This is because unique visitors can’t go to your website as a whole new visitor if he doesn’t heard anything about your traffic. So if he doesn’t know your website initially, then that means he have heard it or seen it somewhere else. That’s how it measures your popularity.

Just like any other traffic, your unique visitors have a big role to play when it comes to your website. Unique visitors are important since they are new to your website (which gives them 0 basis whatsoever), they can turn into anything. They can convert into a reader, a subscriber, a loyal visitor or if all else goes to luck; they can be your long-life customer. This website traffic is also important since it can give you endless possibilities when it comes to sales.

Basically, you should know your traffic. If you know how many unique visitors are in your website, you could get the right strategy for your site. This strategy can help you optimize both your website and your unique visitors. But of course, you won’t be able to do that unless you have a clear view of your unique visitor count.

To know more about visitors, you must know how to check them. Let us give you some ways on how you can track your unique visitors (and other possible kinds of traffic) in a jiffy.

  1. Obvious analytics – First off, you could use your obvious analytics in discovering your site. As of today, there are still hundreds of available traffic analytics tools that you can use for your site. You can use paid analytics that have additional features like heat maps, or you could settle on free to use analytics that cover up your usual links, visitors, bounce rates and the likes. It will be your decision as to what kind of analytics you are most comfortable with. As long as your chosen analytics can track your unique visitors, it will be ok.
  1. Onsite descriptions – Sometimes, onsite descriptions can also tell whether you receive a lot of real website traffic to your website. Although not all sites have this feature, some others have this in their expense. First time viewers can be seen on notifications. In this way, you’ll be aware about them and you also have the chance to know (and connect to) them more. So now that you know how can track with your unique visitors, let us show you some ways on how to maximize them (and turn them into sales).
  1. Offer information so that they could know your website better – the more info they know, the higher chance of conversion
  1. Update contents regularly – Keep your unique visitors from leaving your website. You can drive more traffic to website if you keep on updating your site. This will give them reasons to return and eventually, convert into sales.
  1. Give them all the reasons to connect – Make sure that your subscription forms and sign-in forms are readily available since your unique visitors might return to you site in the future.

So fellow marketers and webmasters, check website unique visitors count intact!

Maximize their use in your website by giving all of your best when it comes to your products and services! That is how you optimize your visitors!