Cheap Targeted Website Traffic

October 29, 2014

 Cheap targeted traffic

Legitimacy; that is just one of the things that we always want in our work. As professionals who see fakes and brought-ups as futile, you don’t want to settle on something that can’t be proven. As much as possible, you want something that is real and that is totally true. We don’t want to be fooled with artificially created brands. As for legitimacy, we just want something that we can be proud of. Just like with traffic, we want legit cheap targeted website traffic.

The problem with cheaper traffic is that they are usually illegitimate. We have several proven cases of cheap traffic resulting to cheap results. Often times, we get into something cheap that it almost destroys our reputation. This is the case of several website owners buy cheap traffic. At first, you might think that you had outsmarted traffic suppliers with cheap traffic, only to find out that these cheap traffic consists of bots, which in latter end could cut down your reputation (plus your image to search engine crawlers such as Google Panda) into thin strips. Worst case scenario, your website would be down for good.

So the question still remains the same, where can you find cheap legit traffic? How can you make sure that this cheap targeted traffic is still real website traffic?

  • Legitimacy of Sources – Sources of cheap targeted traffic are very much extended in all corners of the internet. With all the choices that you have, a combination of luck, pure intelligence and a bit of “sharp-eye” could lead you to your greatest legitimate traffic source. So how can you figure out if your traffic is legit?
  • Check your analytics – As soon as you purchased your traffic, check your site analytics. Dig deeper into those statistics and compare it with your other dates. Legit traffic would be as close as your normal statistics. But if you can see great amounts of traffic spike, then start worrying about your “cheap traffic”.
  • Look for engagement – Engagements is what makes those clicks “human”. Without any engagement, you might just be getting bots for your cheap targeted traffic. Real traffic offers clicks and engagements, no matter how little or how inaccurate it is. It’s just a matter of quick judgment.
  • Check your rankings – Bot website traffic automatically give crawlers bad impressions. When you see that your rankings may have fallen down significant places (such as from ranking 4 to 21), then most probably you are getting robots for your traffic. This measure may not be the best approach, but it guarantees almost perfect accuracy on the legitimacy of your traffic.
  • So what are legit sources of cheap traffic? – Well for starters, if you really want reputable cheap traffic, you could go invest in social media sites that offer cheap advertising. You could try out Reddit and YouTube if you want value for your money.
  • YouTube – You may not know it, but YouTube was already being considered as social media. Compared to other social media rates, YouTube is “cheaper” in terms of ROI and CTR.
  • Reddit – Reddit is just like the “internet of everything”. With almost everything under the sun as their reach, investing in this kind of website could not only be “cheap” compared to your outcomes, but also be valuable in terms of viewers.
  • Traffic Suppliers – If all things fail, then traffic suppliers are your last strand of hope. Just take note of our tips about the legitimacy of your website.

So what are you waiting for? Find your cheap targeted website traffic, right now!