Characteristics of Web Traffic

December 10, 2014

characteristics of web traffic

Imagine your brand website on the internet, fully upgraded and functional. You got your web design handy-dandy. You got your links 100% working. Your images are as good as HD. Your contents are freshly baked from your content marketers mind. Your systems are up and running. You can almost feel everything that around you. You shuddered with excitement as you saw everything in your eyes. And then, for a minute, you realized something. In that very moment, there is no web traffic. In your world, there is no traffic. And then you woke up, panting, and realized that all was just a dream.

That’s just gist on how important your traffic is to your site. In reality, your website will utterly be useless. No matter how good your website looks or how efficient it is, it won’t affect your business without people appreciating it. And in reality, your website won’t have anything on it without real website traffic staying on it. We are not just talking about bot traffic (curse you, BlackHat suppliers!). Knowing that your traffic is much needed, we must understand why we should need it in the first place. We will tackle the characteristics of traffic.

First off, let us take a step back, remove the mere fact that you own a website and think what makes the internet. And yes, as what you have guessed it, your website viewers.

As website owners, we clearly know that there are obviously more website viewers than sites and pages combined. Thinking about it deeply, we can get all the traffic that we want. One could divide all Characteristics of Web Traffic into equal numbers so all pages of sites could be visited, but since not all viewers have the same taste, interest and likes of niches, this would be impossible. This is the first reason website traffic is important. Even though traffic is hard to find and to match, we can say that traffic is achievable for everyone, if and only if they find a way that to ensure consistent traffic.

Another thing to ponder on is that your website traffic affects your business in terms of sales and reputation. Take note that your viewers do not only affect you in terms of sales and profits, but it also affects you in terms of brand name, exposure and reputation.

Think of it this way, the more traffic your site is receiving, the better chances of generating sales (since buyers will come from your viewers). Also, your viewers can affect your brand’s name. Positive feedbacks and critics can make or break your online business. In this matter, we can consider the fact that your website traffic is important because it is a valuable piece for your business.

Lastly, your web traffic is very dynamic in a way that not everyone (or for at least we know) can control it. There are no confirmed formulas that can perfectly adjust your traffic in any way you like. We do know that traffic can affect you positively and negatively. As far as we are concerned, we can only say that traffic, whether we like it or not, is both a curse and a blessing to our site. No matter what happens, your traffic will still be beneficial to your website.

So there you have it fellow marketers!

In the end, we could say that your web traffic is achievable by anyone, is a valuable piece and lastly, beneficial to your site.

Now that you already know the characteristics of web traffic, learn to appreciate your traffic.

Get website traffic now and you’ll see how important it is to your site.