Expression, Reputation, and Exposure – A Case Study about the Benefits of Traffic Buying

November 18, 2014

Sales do not always go according to your plan. Sometimes, your brand’s sales generation will flunk deeper than what you expected. This is our usual problem at our brand Hydroponics – Simplified ( For four years now, we already tried various ad strategies that could probably help our website earn more sales. Although some of them go well, the majority of them didn’t make any change at all.

One of them was to buy website traffic.

One of my colleagues suggested the idea about traffic buying. He said that this strategy could help our brand to revive itself from its state. At first, we are skeptical about it. We didn’t believe additional traffic was the answer for impression. We assumed that additional viewers will not solve the case. But since we have no choice, we started risking our last faith in the hands of our would-be traffic supplier.

So after some weeks, we purchased a traffic package from a certified traffic supplier (since we still fear bot traffic). We ensure first that our traffic supplier was legitimate. We carefully chose their promo and see if it can turn out fine, just like what my colleague had promised. Finally we bought a 50,000 traffic package on YourTrafficHits.

Our sales were terribly bad at the moment. We just got a conversion rate of 43% of that month (July 2014)so we need to do something.

The traffic campaign finally arrived. We continuously tracked our sales as the campaign simultaneously helped our website gain more viewers. Of course, we expected no less by in the targeted traffic that we bought.

After the 3 months of continuous traffic campaign, we measured our sales.

 Expectation wasn’t met when it comes to our sales generation. Our conversion rate only increased by 10-12% and this can’t even be justified as a direct result of the website traffic that we bought.

 Conversion stats

 Conversion Stats from July  2014 to October 2014

At first, we thought that it was worth nothing at all. We are aiming for sales and we didn’t achieve any of it, not until my SEO team discovered something else more beneficial than temporary sales.

Just to give you a clearer idea, I’ll present you our previous ranking analytics from both Alexa and Google.

Initially, our Alexa global rank plays around 800, 000 to 900,000.

But after our site’s traffic campaign, we got these stats.

 For Alexa global ranking, it was improved by 323,617 versus the previous 3 months. So from a mere 800-900,000 rank, we are now ranked 526,383 Globally. That was an incredible feat considering that we did not aim to increase our rank intentionally!

 Alexa rank - hydroponicsedited2

Also, we saw some improvements on our site’s Google rank. Since we got traffic flowing from YourTrafficHits, we really got an exposure. Since the campaign started, our viewer counts increased by more than 200%, mainly because of traffic brought by them.

 However, interestingly, our Google Page also got an upgrade in terms of rank. From literally nowhere to be found on Google, now, it stays at Page 14 with our main keyword “hydroponics”! It was a really a pleasant surprise on our side getting this unexpected “BONUS” from the traffic package that we ordered.

Google rank - hydroponics

By laying down the facts, we compared our initial analytics to our final analytics. And with that, we came up with these data.

  • Our Alexa global ranking improved by 323,617 in just 3 months of continuous traffic, from around 900,000 rank to 526,383!
  • Because of the increase in Alexa rank, our daily views tripled! From averaging 1.02 views per day, we are now sitting at 3.04 Daily Page views.
  • Also, with improved time of 4:04 from 1:48 per day.
  • Because of our increase in Google Page rank, our Organic visitors increased by 80% and continue increasing, from 203 unique viewers per month to 365. We never experienced this kind of organic traffic before. Thanks to the traffic that we have bought.
  • Also, as already said, our Google Page ranking also improved from almost nowhere to be found in Google (keyword hydroponics), we are now sitting on Google PR 14 and slowly with the help of YourTrafficHits traffic, we can get near on the first page.
  • Our sale outputs didn’t change as significantly as our analytics.


Judging by the facts laid to us we have, we concluded 4 things.

  1. We bought a small amount of traffic and the effect was more than what we have expected.
  1. After getting our initial additional traffic, we saw that our traffic counts increased more. We assumed that this happened because some of our initial traffic had shared the information that they got to other possible traffic for our niche. This is most probably why our referral traffic grew up that much. This boosted our reputation since more and more viewers have trusted our site.
  1. Page ranking was also affected by the traffic boost. As marketers, we know that the higher your website rank, the better exposure it has on organic results. With our current traffic, we could say that we had more exposure, which leads again to driving more website traffic and most probably, more sales in the future.
  1. One of my teammates suggested that we could use our analytic improvements, post it online and wait until prospects find out about it. This can be used as one of our assets in making our website more worthy when it comes to traffic and sales. If viewers and prospects find out that we have good analytics, they will be encouraged more in participating with our site. With that, we could create a bolder impression.

In the end, we found out that my colleague was right all along. Indeed, buying traffic definitely helped our website survive.

 After that experiment, we continued buying traffic, hoping that it could help us more and more. With the help of our bought traffic, we will eventually dominate our niche.

 We admit that we are the ones that initially questioned the potential of traffic, and it proved us wrong. Traffic definitely changed our marketing game.


Bolder Impression, Boosted Reputation and Better Exposure;

we never thought that these things would simply pop-out from nowhere when you have continuous stream of traffic from your website.

How about you? Will you still doubt the power of traffic? Don’t take our word for it. Buy your traffic now and you’ll see what we are talking about.