Can Image Focused Get More Traffic

January 12, 2016

Pinterest, Instagram, and other image-focused sites are now trending in the world of SEO as these sites receive more engages compared to your traditional text-and-image sites.

Various photographers and painters use this kind of approach because this features more of the images rather than the texts that explain the images. And as of now, more and more people believe that creating a site that provides only images instead of text would rank well in SERPs as it would be easier for them to optimize it.

Boos Website TrafficBut is this really true in terms of SEO? Does it really bring more search engine traffic to your site?

If you’re the kind of website owners who wants this kind of plan, then you have to reconsider it first. Yes, it may bring traffic to your site, but it could lessen as this is a big NO-NO to SEO.

As we all know, SEO covers pretty much everything on a website. It focuses not only on your site’s images but on your links and text contents as well. You need to consider putting texts on your images as Alt Texts and image titles will not carry your site alone in the battle of SEO. And yes, it won’t bring enough website traffic as well.

But what if you already created a site that only focus on images? How can you improve your SEO power?

Here are some tricks that you can use for those specific sites!

  • Add text descriptions about your images – You need to add texts on your images. This could be possible by adding some short description about your images. You can include here the way it was captured, the details of the image, the format, or even the origin of the said image. Just be sure to include your target keyword for better indexing,
  • Be sure to include tags – Title tags and Alt Text should also be included on your images as it would help crawlers in indexing it. These tags will not only provide information useful for crawlers, but also for those viewers that couldn’t connect to your site very well (hence the use of alt texts)
  • Link, link, and more links – Internal linking should also do the work with this. Provide your site with links directing to these images. Make sure that the anchor texts match your images. Mismatching them does not only affect SEO, but also your users’ experience with your site.

Images are one of the best traffic attracting value in today’s SEO. You can easily increase website traffic by putting images on your site.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should solely depend on images when attracting traffic. Maximize your site through texts and images, and you’ll easily get traffic in the future.