Buy Website Hits

July 7, 2014

Traffic is very much everywhere across the internet. You can easily achieve traffic just by doing SEO on your website. When buying traffic, you are only guaranteeing yourself of viewers. The problem is you just don’t want views, you want interaction. This is where you need to buy website hits.

Many website owners are still confused with the terms “hits” and “views”. That is why when they check their traffic by using traffic analytics such as Alexa or Google analytics, they can’t understand the whole result.

Buy Website Hits

• Views – Let us first stick to the well-known word. Views are technically views. This is the number of HTML pages/script that your visitor had looked at. Views are vital to a website’s traffic because it shows how useful a certain page is. If some of your pages have high page views, then that means those pages are useful, interesting and enticing.

• Hits – Now this term is the cause of all confusion in terms of traffic analytics. Many people misunderstood this word. Hits are defined as the number of files that was viewed on a webpage by a certain visitor. Confusing? Well, just to give you a clearer view: For example, you have a sandpaper business and you made your very first website with images and videos. One visitor viewed your “SCRATCH IT” page. On that page you have your HTML file, a video about sand scratching and 2 pictures of your sample sandpapers. The hits of that certain “SCRATCH IT” page would count as 4. It would be the HTML file (1 hit) + the video (1 hit) + 2 pictures of your sandpapers (2 hits) = 4 hits.

Now that you understand what is the difference between the two. We could now tell what the advantage if you are buying website hits:

• More page interaction – When you buy web hits, you are sure that the visitors will interact with your webpage. The more your audiences interact with your traffic, the more chances of you getting the sales that you want. Don’t settle on simple views when you can have pure interaction on your website

• Greater Conversion Rate – Hits are like sparks ready to cast fire among your website. When more and more hits come to your website, it means the greater the interest of your traffic in your website. The more they seek around your webpages, it means the greater their curiosity it.

• “HITS don’t LIE” – Sorry for the song pun from Shakira, but hits really are accurate. Hits will generally tell you if you are still keeping a good job on your website. The less the hits, the more you need to be concerned.

Website owners need to buy website hits in order to gain more and more traffic for their website. Although you shouldn’t be depending on hits itself, you need to do more campaigns and improve your website in order to maximize your traffic and get the profits that you ever dreamed of.