Buy Traffic and Convert – Is this Even Possible?

October 1, 2015

pointer disintegrating into a dollarbill

Conversion, it is a thing that almost all website owners wants after getting traffic. We couldn’t really get sales out of our visitors if we couldn’t get them converted into sales.

In a marketer’s reality, it’s easier to get traffic than converting them into sales. But sometimes, their website is so bad that even though they bought the traffic that they need, they can’t persuade people to buy their products and pay for their services.

Why buy traffic if I couldn’t even convert them into sales?

Have you ever wondered why aren’t your visitors converting? Do you think it’s really impossible to convert those targeted visitors into targeted customers?

Believe it or not, converting store-bought traffic is possible. It is something that every website owner can do, but chose not to do so…

Chose not to do so?

… Because in conversion, it will always depend on how you exert effort in persuading people into buying your products and paying for your services.

So here’s the solution:

Imagine that you were to buy targeted traffic to your website and within minutes, received it. So what should you do next?

  1. Update your website ASAP – Make sure you got something new to offer. Maybe update some of your contents and link it to your purchase page. You could also add a bit of promos and discounts on the side so that your newly arrived traffic will be “teased” to check your offers out.
  2. Be sure that you can answer any query – New visitors would always ask questions first before purchasing. It’s a common thing that all buyers do when they are somehow interested on a product. For this to work out, you must be able to meet up your customers. Make sure that your customer assistance effort can cover all those queries fast.
  3. Introduce them to other options – Do you still think that your first line of products won’t get the cut? Don’t fret! This is how to convert traffic that didn’t bite it. Make sure that you have secondary products that are slightly better (and maybe make it cheaper) for your buyers to choose from.
  4. Be sure that your bought targeted traffic for a higher chance of conversion – When you buy targeted website traffic from suppliers, you should ensure that what you are purchasing is targeted.

Just do these simple tricks and you’ll immediately feel the conversion flowing into your website!

Trust us, just a little effort and you’ll earn that first sale ASAP!