Why Should You Buy AdSense Safe Traffic

January 26, 2015

Hey website marketer! What do you have there?

Wait, did you just purchase traffic? That’s nice! But let me ask you this. Did you buy AdSense safe traffic?

If you don’t know what I mean, most probably you don’t know what AdSense is yet.

AdSense is Google’s few shots in giving marketers their opportunity in getting the sales that they want. AdSense is your usual advertisement that goes around websites. Just click on it and you will be transferred to another webpage where your ad is directing to. It’s just like any ordinary ad strategy. The only difference is that this kind of ad is controlled by Google itself.

Now, there have been a lot of arguments circulating around the internet about having a not so “AdSense friendly” traffic.  Usually, some say that cheap traffic is entirely not AdSense friendly. This has been for ages until some people already proved that our traffic was AdSense safe (despite the fact that it was somehow cheap).

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Some of you may still wonder as to why they should buy traffic that’s safe for your AdSense advertisements. What if they do not use AdSense? Should they still bother getting an AdSense-threat free traffic?

Buy Adsense Safe traffic

Some website owners do not understand the importance of AdSense in terms of advertising. Some do not even know that the traffic that they are receiving is already affecting their AdSense ads. This is why sometimes; some website owners’ AdSense accounts are suddenly banned without them knowing it.

It is very important that you ensure the safety of your traffic when it comes to AdSense. This is somehow important because:

  1. AdSense is Google – Be bad to AdSense eyes and it can affect your ranking as well. That’s a double whammy for something which you are not that aware off.
  1. AdSense is very strict when it comes to traffic – One simple snap with your traffic’s defects and AdSense might ban your website for good. Mind you that you can’t simply recover from that ban.
  1. AdSense is a good source of sale that is too good to ruin – AdSense is very effective in producing sales and conversions and must not be stained when you buy traffic to your site (that is not safe for AdSense).

So before you buy that traffic again, you might as well check these “AdSense Safe” signs.

A. They should come from a trusted source – Second rate traffic sources shouldn’t be given a second chance because AdSense are very strict when it comes to traffic sources. If you are applying for traffic campaigns, make sure that your traffic supplier’s sources of viewers are premium and legitimate. There will be times when some suppliers will cheat by providing low quality traffic from questionable sources.

B. Your traffic should be real humans – Of course! If you really want to buy website traffic, you might as well ensure that they are all real humans that can produce real clicks, real views and real hits.

AdSense sees that every traffic that comes through their algorithms is real. Once they found out that it consists of bot traffic, banning is expected to follow.

So fellow website owners, be aware that your traffic is not only reliable, but should also pass AdSense’s standards. Buy AdSense safe traffic for your website, right now! Be safe, be aware and be AdSense friendly with your traffic!