What is Alexa Traffic

February 18, 2015

what is alexa traffic

Do you remember Alexa? Do you remember how Alexa decided website owner’s “fate” when it comes to website popularity? Before any other analytics came into this world, Alexa was the leading analytical tool that stood out from the rest. This web traffic source is considered by most website owners because of its ability to read their website. Before anything else, Alexa became the world’s number one tool. Everyone once knew that Alexa traffic was one of the few important aspects that a website needs to work on. Without this kind of traffic, you website wouldn’t be recognized by some possible partners on the internet. You’d be losing a lot when you ignore this traffic.

We bet that many of you don’t have any idea about Alexa site traffic. For those of you who are still clueless (or who needs some review), this kind of traffic is used by website owners in the early stages of the internet to measure their popularity. Before Google Analytics and some other traffic trackers, people used Alexa to measure their popularity. Alexa is the one that gives ranks to websites according to the amount of web traffic that they receive. That is why it is important for websites to boost website traffic.

Do you wonder how can Alexa do this? Here is how they do it.

  1. Viewers are required to install an Alexa toolbar on their search engine – Before Google, Alexa required people to install specially made toolbars that collected data whenever they are streaming. These data are then sent to Alexa’s mainframe system.
  1. Data are analyzed under their system – After gathering data under a specific amount of time, Alexa will then reanalyze everything. This analysis includes not only rankings, but also bounce rates and the total time that people spent staying at their websites.
  1. All of these processed data are collected and compared with the rest of the other websites – These are then arranged to see whether your website ranked or not.

So how do people rank up high on Alexa?

  • They buy website traffic – Some people bought traffic to increase their traffic. Since Alexa depends on the traffic flow for ranking, it would be wise for website owners to invest more on traffic.
  • They encourage people to install Alexa toolbars – Alexa won’t recognize your visit unless you install toolbars. This is why some website owners are still encouraging their viewers to install Alexa’s toolbars on their search engines so that they will be considered as Alexa traffic.
  • Create quality contents that people may enjoy – You should also focus on your internal contents if you want more viewers on your website, too. Quality contents can gather more traffic than twitching your website. Ensure that you only put well-written contents so viewers will be enticed to visit your website.
  • SEO – The best strategy of all would be SEO (or Search Engine Optimization). Apply SEO to all contents and pages. Ensure that Google can recognize your page to drive more direct traffic to your site. This can also bring more consistent traffic to your beloved website which can increase your chances in ranking high.

But do take note that ALEXA is still considered by a lot of possible prospects since it is already tested by various advertisers. Don’t ignore your Alexa traffic! Keep your website on its highest ranks, starting today!