5 Well-Known Myths When You Buy Traffic

October 5, 2015

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There will be times when you just wonder about everything, even about your traffic. You’ll just think about all those things that you’ve read on various blogs and social media sites about buying traffic from suppliers. As far as you know, there’s a half and half opinion when it comes to store-bough traffic. Some think that they are pretty much worthless while some think that they are worth the shot. We do bet that as of now, you are still wondering if the traffic you just bought really works or not. We mean, why buy traffic if it’s just all lies, right?

We’ve seen almost all of the myths when buying traffic from your sources. And whether you believe it or not, these things are just myths. They’re basically just thoughts from traffic disbelievers that never unlocked the potential of store-bought traffic.

Let us break down 5 myths when you buy traffic, and see whether it’s true or not.

  1. They don’t even engage at all – One of the first major myths about traffic buying is their inability to engage. People thought that they don’t get any engagements from their traffic because it’s just plain useless. However, the real deal behind this is their websites itself. Since they don’t exert effort in creating a very engaging website, their traffic would just ignore it and move forward.
  2. Store bought traffic are just untargeted traffic – Seems like you just missed all other traffic supplier who generate targeted website traffic. There are hundreds of kinds of traffic out there that are offered by different traffic suppliers. You just really have to search for it.
  3. All traffic suppliers have no accreditation whatsoever – Did you know that there are traffic authorities that monitor traffic suppliers? You just have to keep your eyes open for these accreditations. You should also know that these are awards to those suppliers who follow strict guidelines in selling traffic.
  4. They’re too expensive – Little do website owners knew that there are various website traffic suppliers that provide high-quality traffic at a reasonable price. And if you consider the turn rate of your traffic, you’ll actually be surprised that you may have even “saved” a fortune when you bought your traffic. Just stick and do your research.
  5. They don’t really improve your SEO – If you buy targeted traffic to your site and be consisted for weeks, you’ll be surprised that your rank will improve. This is because search engine crawlers also consider interested and recurring viewers (which could come from your store bought traffic.)

So now that you discovered these myths when buying traffic, will you still doubt the power of fast traffic?