5 Reasons Not To Try Copy-Paste Posts

November 10, 2015

Bloody Copy Paste

Creating contents sucks… this is according to some website owners who just don’t have the skills in manipulating words and mixing up keywords with common sentences to make it conversational and SEO-friendly. This is why some of these websites fail to increase website traffic.  So to compensate on this weakness, some webmasters turn to “cheeky” solutions and strategies for the sake of having contents. You’ll be surprised that almost half of website owners have done one of this strategies that we’ll be talking about right now.

So here’s the question. Have you tried COPY PASTING posts?

*Thunder strikes*

If you haven’t tried it yet, bless your soul! But if you did try it once (or maybe twice), welcome to the club!

Copy-pasting (or using copy-paste posts) is just one of the most old-school black hat strategy that inexperienced website owners use today. It is the way of duplicating contents without even editing it. Usually, copy pasting happens when a website owner noticed that an article got many hits, views, and engagements from its readers. What will the website owner do is to completely copy the content (including the links) and pasting it to their blogs or main websites without citing the source.

For newbie site owners, benefiting from the same successful content could be the key of attracting more traffic. But in reality, there’s more to that. As a matter of fact, it could actually hurt your website. Instead of buying more website traffic, you might actually lose some in the long run.

But why? Here are some reasons not to do this dirty trick.

  1. Visitors will not gain anything from it – So what if your content initially had hits before? What if your readers already read that article before you’ve posted it on your site? These visitors won’t gain anything from it. They’ll just leave your website.
  2. It’s bad for your reputation – Copying is stealing. When people discover that your site has stolen content, they will avoid you like a plague. Don’t let that happen to you. Why suffer for a long time if it only takes an hour or so to create contents.
  3. It won’t give the same results – Don’t expect your traffic to give you the same reception as the others did for that stolen content. A good sample of this one is when your binary options traffic saw an interesting article about binary options tips. Since they already knew these tips, there will be no “surprising” factor on it anymore. So when you try to post this one, your viewers will most probably give less care on this article.

Stop doing this horrible black hat strategy! Site some sources or just create your own content! Your viewers will love you more when you show them that you’re willing to spend time creating new contents! That’s how you wow your readers!