5 Potentials of Traffic Clicks

April 6, 2015


Website marketers value different kinds of traffic on the internet. You have your usual targeted site traffic that can actually convert pretty well on your sites. You can also have direct traffic from browsers, which can measure how popular your website is. You also have those referral traffic which proves how people are comfortable in sharing your site’s info to other people. One of the most underrated traffic of all kinds of traffic is click site traffic. This is generated whenever your traffic clicks. But because of its underestimation, click site traffic wasn’t really given importance.

If we talk about potential, you can say that your traffic clicks has one of the best potentials for your business. Let alone be a reminder that clicks are signs of engagements. This means that you possibly got something that they’re looking for. It all depends now if you can meet their expectation or not. But since it still depends on your clickers, you still need to successfully engage with your readers and visitors.

How can we say that click site traffic is potentially important on a business? Here are 5 reasons to explain it.


  • They can possibly turn into sales

Clicks mean curiosity. And if this curiosity turns into sales, then it’s very ideal to boost website traffic that will generate to additional clicks. Some major (and successful) websites do their best in attracting more clicks, hoping that enough clicking would help them at least attract sales and leads.

Remember, clicks can be almost anything that can lead to sales. You must be able to optimize clicks before it could lose its value.


  • They improve your indexing strength when crawled by search engine crawlers

Producing a lot of clicks means customers are into something inside your site. Of course, they wouldn’t stick inside your website and produce clicks if they can’t find anything inside. And with this reasons, crawlers would gladly award these “click-worthy” sites with good grades in SERPs.

So if you are aiming for better SEO, you must not only focus on your keywords or designs. You must also give way to your click generators. Give them something to click on. Give them a good reason to click your link.


  • Clicks can attract viewers

If you’re a viewer and you realized that a certain link already generated thousands of licks, wouldn’t you be interested on its content? Curiosity will always trigger on your viewers once you earned a lot of clicks. This curiosity will soon affect your visitor’s decision, leading them a choice of purchasing whatever thing that attracted so much clicks.


And what’s great about this is that it can go on and on until you enough number of clicks for your business.


  • Clicks lessen bounce rates

So why should you really aim for clicks? This is most probably because clicks can’t be generated if viewers leave immediately.


In general, it would be a good choice to invest on clicks to lessen bounce rates, which could also decrease your chances in earning lower ranks on SERPs (which also lowers your chance to attract targeted traffic).


  • Clicks can be almost everything

Remember, clicks are powerful enough to turn into sales, additional traffic and the like. Ignoring clicks wouldn’t be a very wise move if you really aim for success.



So if you want to lead the way in generating website traffic, or whatever you have in mind, you must have a clear view of your click site traffic.



Don’t underestimate the power of click site traffic. Let your business succeed more when you let those traffic clicks develop into sales and additional visitors. Just push your website’s limit in creating more clicks and you’ll realize that it could be your biggest asset in your online business.