5 Easy Peasy Tips for Increasing your Website Traffic

December 22, 2014

Tips for increasing your website traffic

As marketers, we are bound to obtain everything through hard work, patience and perseverance. We are thought to seek everything with time and effective management. If you got your success through shortcuts, then people would say that it is not effective. They would be thinking that it’s not worth it at all. And when it comes to your strategy when you increase website traffic, a shortcut means poor quality. A fast achieving site could mean the following:

  1. Bot Traffic – Since bots are easy to achieve
  1. Untargeted traffic – Because untargeted traffic is spread everywhere.
  1. Low-quality traffic – Because if it uses high grade traffic, then it will take moments before getting it.

Is it possible to boost website traffic in an easy peasy way? Can you get more website traffic without that exerting too much effort?

Apparently, you can acquire traffic that doesn’t follow the traditional “earn it the hard way” way. All you need to do is to target the right people, execute properly, find the right timing and have a bit of luck.

We know that you’re itching to know it! So here it is!

These are 5 easy peasy tips in increasing your website traffic!

  1. Create a “Talk of Town” article and let it build up – All you have to do is to find a justifiable angle about an issue, make sure that you can defend your own idea and let the people decide whether it is plausible or not. You may not know it, but people would rather see fresh insights on the internet. Combine that need with a controversial pitch, attach your domain name and you’ll have your new gush of traffic in no time!
  1. Post a “must answer” question on forums and threads – Another easy peasy traffic gatherer strategy is to post those easy but discussable questions on forums and threads. Just make sure that it will be noticed by the majority of your forum’s members. Just let it sit until more and more members answer your question. Don’t forget to add in your website’s domain to so that viewers can follow you!
  1. Share a funny picture on your social media profiles – You can also post funny or inspirational images that can easily attract views. This “trick” is very useful, especially to those niches that rarely uses humor as part of their strategy. You could also post memes in replace of inspirational messages. Memes are mostly viral which spreads easily on the internet. These kinds of images can possibly be your best web traffic sources.
  1. Buy website traffic from trusted traffic suppliers – If you have the budget (and we’re sure you can afford it), you can try out traffic packages from legitimate website traffic suppliers. These suppliers have different packages to choose from. Whatever niche your topic is, you won’t have any problems with your traffic.
  1. Last but not the least, let your current traffic do its work – Don’t get us the wrong way! Did you know that your current traffic has the ability to generate more traffic without you doing anything?

Yes! Once your website traffic is contented with your results, they’ll have the chance to share your website’s domain to other possible targeted viewers.

So there you have it fellow marketers! These are 5 easy peasy tips in increasing your website traffic! Remember, you don’t always need to exert too much effort in getting the traffic that you want in your website!