5 Best Multimedia Strategies

November 21, 2014

5 best multimedia Strategies

The internet offers more than just plain texts and images for its viewers. You already knew the wide range of the internet. People first started sending messages using plain texts, and then they went with images of animals and e-cards, after that, and then came the music and the mp3, all of these ends with videos. All of these came into life because of World Wide Web’s ability to handle multi-media. And so with this chapter, online marketers started using their own multimedia strategies for their advertisements that could attract real website traffic.

When we talk about multimedia, we talk about the versatility of your platform. Multimedia means having different kinds of medium existing in one form of communication. This “stacking” of mediums has been one of the “net” breakthroughs of history. This broke the barrier of media limitations, producing more possibilities of media to the public. And with the said possibilities, advertisers used this kind of idea to increase their effectivity.

With all of these new possibilities, we listed the TOP 5 Marketing Strategies with multimedia as it settings that can be used by all marketing strategists out there.

  • Images are playing an improving role in contents – As we all know, images play a vital role in contents. They are the first part of the contents that gets the eyes’ attention first. We believed that putting at least 1 picture on our contents is enough. But as more meticulous web traffic is emerging, a single image wouldn’t be that enticing anymore. That is why more advertisers are putting much effort in creating more intricate images so that it would lock the viewers’ eyes, gaining more engagement. Another thing about this is that SEO also consider images as part of their indexing, so marketers should better put thoughts on this, too.
  • Short Videos are becoming a hit, too – Gone are the days when videos take minutes for it to load. Now, people started using Vines (or 6 seconds videos) for their campaign strategies. Now, people started using Vines (or 6 seconds videos) for their campaign strategies. These short videos should be full of information and yet it should still be entertaining and engaging. Surprisingly, despite having its “limitation”, more and more guaranteed visitors are finding ways to maximize 6 seconds. With these short videos available, your contents wouldn’t only be appealing to the brain, but appealing to the eyes, as well.
  • Make it easy to connect through different social media sites – What’s the use of a content if it is beautiful and yet, not sharable? With the ever increasing number of social media sites available in the internet, sharing of contents could be a game changer in the business. As much as possible, include plug-ins like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other forms of social media plug-ins so people could actually see these contents on those sites.
  • Be mobile friendly – Internet doesn’t only stick to computers. As the year progresses, more and more people are using their mobile devices as their medium for the internet. We all know that not all websites are compatible with the limited screen of mobile phones and gadgets such as tablets, iPhones, Ipads and Android phones. By adjusting your website traffic’s settings for it to be applicable on mobile data, you will not only get more traffic, but also more hits, clicks, views and possible profits as well.
  • Short is definitely better – With the fast paced lifestyle of the people, they would rather see something that is short, sweet and simple rather than something, long, fruitful and complicated. So forget that super long images or that hard to load videos, because fast is the newest name in the game.

There you have it, your 5 Best Multimedia Strategies that can be applied to almost any website niche. Just follow the strategies and you can have the best quantity of traffic in your own business experience.