July 15, 2016

Actionable & Straight-to-the Point Ways to Boost Website Traffic

The challenge for businesses is to make sure that when users search for your product or service, they find your site and not your competitor’s. The bigger problem, however, is this: You probably do not have the same budget as your more massive competitors do, nor do you have an army of marketers at your disposal. So how can you, against overwhelming odds, carve out your piece of the market? This article is an attempt to provide you, a future success, a whole battery of free, straight-to-the-point, actionable, best ways for getting website traffic. Some of these are not quick fixes—but you may be surprised at how instantly many...


January 12, 2016

Can Image Focused Get More Traffic

Pinterest, Instagram, and other image-focused sites are now trending in the world of SEO as these sites receive more engages compared to your traditional text-and-image sites. Various photographers and painters use this kind of approach because this features more of the images rather than the texts that explain the images. And as of now, more and more people believe that creating a site that provides only images instead of text would rank well in SERPs as it would be easier for them to optimize it. But is this really true in terms of SEO? Does it really bring more search engine traffic to your site? If you’re the kind of website owners who...