2015 Traffic Strategies That Can Be Used in 2016

January 11, 2016

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Today, some website owners will start doing their work in SEO. This also means another ton of work with SEO, strategies, ads, and other stuff that should bring them website traffic. Yes, Google will most probably change sooner or later, and as a website owner, knowing the algorithm should be your next task to achieve. For some, this is yet another stressful work, but it could still be fixed if you know some 2015 traffic strategies that can still be used in 2016.

If recycling can be done on your garbage, clothes, food (remember those day-old turkey dinner that mom used to make?) and accessories, why not make use of this on your traffic strategies? It is true that Google will definitely roll another update within this month or so, but that doesn’t mean it will affect almost every possible traffic strategy out there.

Just when you thought everything seems to be out of place, there would always be a couple of strategies that you can still use for your website planning. And we guarantee that these strategies can still increase traffic to your website without problems.

These are the 2015 traffic strategies that can be used in 2016

  1. Basic SEO (Search engine optimization) – Keywording and linking are still useable for 2016. Although much more adjustments will be applied soon, the basic concept surrounding this strategy still works like a charm.
  2. Internal and External design adjustments – Still suffering from a very slow loading speed? Lessen the images and maybe maximize your pages more! This strategy works pretty well with all Google updates as it will always focus on user experience.
  3. Creating tons of blogs for your site – There’s nothing more satisfying than improving your site’s quality with links, keywords and more while helping out those curious readers and potential customers with traffic. Blogging not only helps those readers learn more about your niche, but it also helps your site to get more index points from crawlers.
  4. Purchasing traffic from trusted traffic suppliers – Little do some website owners know that going for paid traffic is still one of the most effective strategies of all. You can still buy targeted traffic from reliable traffic suppliers!
  5. Avoiding Black Hat strategies – We’ll keep this very simple here… Never ever try this one since it will really cost you a lot in the end!

Not every website is doomed this 2016. With these effective strategies, you can still dominate SEO and get the traffic that you need without worrying!