20 Ways to get Direct Traffic

October 31, 2014

ways to get direct traffic

How can you tell if your website is popular enough? You could maybe check for your google analytics for total traffic? You could also maybe tell it with your total sales and profits? Or how about looking at your engagements such as clicks and hits to say that more and more people are active in your website? All of these are correct answers, but the best way to do that is by checking your Direct Traffic. And by increasing that certain traffic, you must have your own 20 ways to get direct traffic.

Direct traffic are your traffic that came from unrecorded sources. This traffic can be achieved by users who directly written your website URL or domain name in the search bar of their browsers, clicked a link from a Word document or a PDF, or clicked a link from a mysterious unregistered e-mail. Just the first option of the three would be your standpoint of your website’s popularity. And how could you get this abundant website traffic for your site?

Are you the online marketer who still has no traffic in your own website? Don’t worry, we have listed some starters, just for you.

1. Promote your traffic non-stop – First of all, you won’t be able to get that popularity without actually advertising your website. And the best way to do that is to promote your website regularly. Regular promotion of website doesn’t only “uplifts” your website, but continuous existence on feeds and sites could attract many curious viewers’ eyes.

2. Advertise using “out of the ordinary” procedures – Standing out using ordinary and traditional ads won’t really increase your traffic that much. But by using creative ads that is new to the viewers’ tastes, you could automatically get some attention. With that, people will have an easier time remembering your site.

3. Use domain names that are short – Your domain name play a very big part of your website’s popularity. Easy to memorize websites are visited more by users. This is because users don’t want to type URLs that are too long.

4. Use URLs that is creative and unique – Ever wonder why Facebook clicked? This is because of their URL name. Facebook came from two words, Face and Book, which doesn’t really have any similarities at all.

5. Promote using business cards – Use the power of the traditional advertising using 3×4 cards. With these, you’ll get in touch with your traffic plus they’ll easily remember you.

6. Use Reddit – Another thing to consider about direct traffic is Reddit’s power of redditors. Since Reddit considered themselves as the “front page of the internet”, then continues existence to that site could lead viewers to actually be familiar to your site.

7. Go with Twitter – Use hashtags as your advantage! Use the actual trends and get your viewers be familiarized with your website.

8. Create lots and lots of PDFs –As we said earlier, PDF can be your source of direct traffic. Spread some free PDF on your viewers and you would expect a lot of clicks from there on.

9. Go crazy with guest blogging – Be the best guest blogger in those websites, create great articles so that people would remember you and your site.

10. Facebook is still a must – Facebook would still exist for a number of years ahead, use this chance to get more direct traffic to your website.

11. Tumblr it out –Tumblr is more of a viral community and a blog at the same time,. Perfect to be included in our list.

12. Create car stickers with your domain name – Forget about the “baby on board” sticker or the “stick family” stickers! Print out one big sticker with your domain name on it, and ride all the way to more real website traffic.

13. Repeatedly use vines – Invest on these funny 6 second films that goes viral very fast

14. Dominate Instagram – Every time you take a picture, include your domain name on it. In this way, people would always remember your website.

15. Give away little useful objects such as bottle opener keychains and the like – Small yet useful advertising now in the palm of their hands.

16. Have Word documents about your website and contents available – Remember to include your domain link on every document.

17. Have contests – Push the limits of your traffic by letting them compete in a friendly match against other, the winner could get a price. Do this regularly and people might actually join your website directly.

18. Create your own blog – Make your blogs lifelike and creative. Direct your readers to directly subscribe to your website.

19. Create videos and vines for your website – Want to have a viral output? Just turn on any camera, record and put your domain name in the middle.

20. SEO – Still one of the best options available.

So what are you waiting for? Try out these 20 ways to get direct traffic right now!