10 Ways to Get Traffic

October 27, 2014

10 ways to get traffic

Your website traffic can be the most annoying thing in the world. Everyone in the world of marketing knows how dynamic your website traffic is. No one can really predict the flow of traffic. It would take a lot of guessing power to correctly predict the output of your traffic. But since it is guessing, the stakes are too high. With that, every online marketer should have his or her 10 ways to get traffic on his or her list to make sure that his or her website could still get the traffic that he or she wants.

Before any online marketer could gain any sales, he or she should first have his or her website traffic. The thing is that it is not easy getting website traffic, especially when you are competing with the whole internet. Although you have different niches to compete on (which makes it a little bit more of a specification), you are still occupying the biggest known network in the world.  By that matter, you must at least know some ways to on how to get website traffic in order to suffice your website traffic needs.

But how can you get traffic? Just follow these 10 ways to get web traffic and see how easy it is to at least get the traffic that your website needed.

  1. Get proper keywords for website – Your website’s existence relies on your keywords. Consider these words as your “name tag”. Obviously, when a name is called, a certain person would suddenly pop into someone’s mind, and the more unique the name is, the better. These things apply to websites, too. More unique keywords (long tail or low demand) means better chances of getting traffic.
  2. After that, get the proper keywords for your contents – After figuring out the keyword of your site, the next step is to get the proper keywords for the contents that you include on your site. Always make sure that your keywords completely align with your niche, and these keywords are very much applicable to your contents as well.
  3. Create your own blogs – Internet blogs are like your website’s expansion pack. Blogs are more of a “human and personal” touch for your website. You could post there some tips and tricks that can help people understand more about your niche and your brand. Just remember to put your website’s link to your blogs so that people could easily follow you.
  4. Use GIFs – These “moving images” are a hit in the online community. Maximize the use of GIFs on your platforms and you’ll get the attention of your traffic, increasing the chances of getting website traffic.
  5. Long and wordy articles do not actually “bore” readers – Studies shows that viewers, despite the fact of having short attention spans, actually enjoyed reading longer articles. A good 1,000 word article to get the eyes of possible traffic in the internet.
  6. Play along with Vines – Vines are part of Twitter’s features of this year. Vines are 6 seconds short videos that are both entertaining and meaningful at the same time. Learn to compress your whole story, plus your message, in a 6 second video and assume that you’ll have more traffic once it goes viral.
  7. Use infographics – When information, entertainment, statistics, figures are combined oninside a single image, the result will be infographics. Infographics are used by marketers to educate, inform and to advertise their website to their viewers. These images are also viral if made correctly, so take note of this as a part of your website.
  8. Get Social with social media – This is a no-brainer when it comes to the list of 10 ways to get internet traffic. Social media is your “extensions” towards your viewer’s life. Since viewers hang out in social media sites, these platforms are great investments to ponder to.
  9. Consider getting a unique URL – URLs or domain names are your website’s first impression. A hard to memorize and complicated domain name would only scare viewers away. Take note that getting a URL for your website should be short, sweet, easily memorized and well fitted to your niche.
  10. Buy traffic from traffic suppliers –If you think all of these things don’t get you enough traffic. Then buying it from a “store”, also known as traffic suppliers, could be the answer to your traffic problems.

These are just some 10 ways to get traffic. Just think outside the box and you could come up with more ways to get traffic. Good luck mates and happy traffic gathering!