10 Creative Ways to Engage your Readers

September 25, 2014

9 creative ways to engage your readers

When writing for your readers, you must consider the fact that you just don’t want them to read. You write for your readers so that they would engage more with you. As writers for blogs, it is best to leave an impression to your readers rather than giving only a hint of existence on their minds. But before you could give them expression, you must first get their attention. Considering the meticulous taste of content, you must know the 10 creative ways to engage your readers.

You heard it right; your website traffic do now have a more meticulous taste in the content they are reading. Other viewers would eventually leave your article once they found out that your headline does not shine at all. And with that, you should also develop your writing skills as well. You need to know what the reader wants to see without sacrificing the content. With these 10 ways to engage your readers, you can adjust your contents in a way that viewers would still want to read it without ruining the essence and the message.

Sit back, relax, get your pens and papers ready because here are the 10 ways to engage your readers effectively.

1. As much as possible, put the YOU word in your title – Writing is all about the readers. And what could make them more engaged with your content is by including them in the title. By using the words “YOU” or “YOUR” to your content, you are relaying the message to the readers that they are indeed part of your content. What could be better than that? Personal touch always add assurance that makes a testimonial appeal on the reader’s side.

2. Create contents that are “unbelievable” – Have you tried making contents about bread that has a title “The most delicious pastry that even aliens couldn’t resist”? Or how about contents about parenting with the title “ How to raise your child without praising”? These are some ideas that you could use in your content. Just make sure that it is “unbelievable” yet it is possible because of your content.

3. Get how-to’s more engaging numbers – Readers (a.k.a targeted blog traffic) would love to read stuff about instructions. Readers would love more if they are numbered and limited. In this way, they expect to read limited information without boring them too much. Just like this 10 creative ways to engage your readers (which has the number 10 in it).

4. Use superlatives on your titles – Consider using the words : Top, worse, best, scariest, most awful, easiest,hardest, fastest and the like in creating your contents. With these words in your title, readers will think that they are only reading what is the “best” option in that certain category.

5. Start your contents with a question – “Will you believe what just happened to me last night?” or “Do you understand the meaning of life?” are just samples of possible starters for your content. This will ignite the interest of your web traffic, keeping them from reading it more.

6. Create contents that readers could relate to – Readers would most likely read events or scenarios that they have also experienced. For example, a first time swimmer who is afraid of water would more likely and finish a content made by a swimmer who had his aquaphobia experiences before he could actually swim.

7. Trust your own instinct – You are writing because you know your thinking is right. No one writes because he doubts himself. When you write something, makes sure that you are compelling the readers to trust you and not to doubt you.

8. It’s really not about the length – Some study says that longer posts attract more website traffic while some says they would rather read short contents than super long ones. Either way, you shouldn’t be concerned with your content length. As long as you write well, expect your viewers to be engaged as well.

9. Avoid common grammar errors – Readers would be disengaged on content if they saw something wrong with it, especially with the grammars. Mostly, they would search for more grammatical errors rather than understand the whole point of your content.

10. Just write – Don’t set yourself to rules and limitations. Sometimes, contents which are written freely are what engage readers most.

So there you have it, 10 creative ways to engage your readers! Start practicing your writing skills and create the best content ever written in the world (if possible).

Image from: stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net