10 Best Web Traffic Referrals

November 17, 2014

web traffic referrals

Referring means the act of redirecting a certain thing or act to somebody else is accountable to it. Referring can also be looked at as passing of trust to another party. By referral, one party is putting trust and responsibility to someone who they think is accountable. This means a very lot to anyone who has been referred. And when it comes to traffic, referral traffic is one good way to increase website traffic.
For starters, referral traffic can be considered as the best type of traffic that any neophyte could get. With referral traffic, you can get the same amount of traffic your referring sites are having. This means, the more popular your referring website, the better chances of getting more and more traffic. But it isn’t easy to get referral traffic. You need to invest in great reputation to get traffic referrals. After you get your websites’ trust, it will be easy to get this kind of website traffic. But the question is, what are the traffic referrals?

The answers lie here on the list. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you, your 10 best website traffic referrals!

1. Reddit referral – Reddit has been tagged as “the front page of the internet”. The reason is because Reddit is a wide collection of almost everything on the internet. And as we have said “almost everything”, then it means that its range is almost the whole internet. With that “limitless” reach, you could attract referrals from all Internet users!

2. Tumblr Referral – If you are looking for hips and young traffic, then Tumblr is your best choice. This micro-blogging site is your place when you need traffic demographics targeted to teen-agers and the likes. And since Tumblr is one the of best viral sources, getting referral links from them could mean “big” for your website.

3. YouTube Referral – Videos play an important role in SEO, especially when your video source was acquired by the biggest search engine in the world. YouTube referrals are one of the best because of their popularity. Since this website is the first option for watching videos, then getting referral traffic here could be meaningful.

4. Twitter Referral – #Twitter and it isn’t the only reason why you should invest on it. As it grows more and more every day with almost 232 million monthly active users, Twitter provides your brand with greater possibilities. Get hash-tagging and Vines on your dispense with Twitter!

5. Forums and Threads Referral –. Little do website marketers know that threads are one of the perfect web traffic sources on the internet. Because forums and threads are open to anyone who are seeking for answers, then a little bit of domain exposure could lead to a bigger traffic. Also, forums and threads always focus on specific niches, making your viewers targeted traffic.

6. Yahoo! Answer Referral – Are you troubled by a question that buzzes in your head? Then if you are looking for answers, you go to Yahoo! Answers. Just like with your Forums and threads system, you could build up hype here by contributing information to those questions, and leaving your domain name for them to visit you.

7. Pinterest Referral – Interesting enough, Pinterest is the website people go to when they want something new to discover. With interesting pictures that could tell your possible traffic “a thousand words”, the website referral could easily snag viewers’ attention.

8. Facebook Referral – How could we forget Mark Zuckerberg’s famous website? Since almost everyone is on Facebook, there is nothing more to ask in this matter.

9. Guest Blogging Referral – Creating articles for other websites is one of the trending ad campaign that business owners use. With their own idea plus the reputation of a wonderful website , they could lead to a tremendous amount of referral traffic.

10. Infographics – If you want to inform, entertain and to spread your domain name at the same time, then infographics is your place to go. Infographics are pictures of stats and figures that illustrated craftily. Just don’t forget to include your URL at the bottom.

We hope you could use these 10 Best web traffic referrals for your website. Always take note that this process wont’ be easy. Get your reputation rising and maximize these traffic, right away!