10 Benefits of Consistent Site Traffic

September 23, 2014

10 Benefits of Consistent Site Traffic

Being consistent is just one of the best traits of a website marketer. With you being consistent, you will be giving your customers the sense of security. With you being consistent, you relay the message to your consumers that you won’t change for the worse. With being consistent with your service, you give off the signal that improvements are always present in your actions. And as with consistency, you must learn the 10 benefits of consistent web traffic.

Consistency is the state where something or someone is smooth enough to get the job done. Being smooth means getting your agenda finished without any intrusions. As your performance becomes consistent, you get more outcomes without sacrificing too much effort. But the consistency in service won’t hold your website alone. Any website should know the 10 benefits of consistent website traffic in order for them to appreciate and understand how consistent traffic plays an important part of their business. Because you never know, consistent web traffic might be the answer to your lifelong business problems.

These are 10 benefits of consistent monthly traffic that your website could be having right now.

1. More engagement – This would be the first effect that you might actually feel when you have consistent traffic to you site. As you would probably see in your analytics, more traffic staying regularly at your website could produce more than just simple views. They might even do a clicks and hits, enough for your website to be active again.

2. SEO rewarding – The best thing from this list of 10 benefits of consistent site visitor is its SEO aspect. Traffic is one of the measurements that search engine crawlers are considering when they index websites. Consistent traffic means more people are continuously happy with your contents. This may ring a bell to the crawlers that your website is serving the viewers well enough. When this happens, search engine crawlers will reward your website with better search engine rankings.

3. More exposure – Once search engine crawlers give credit to your website, they will improve your search engine rankings. With better rankings means better exposure. This is according to some studies that say viewers would only check on the first page of the search engine results for their query.

4. Better conversion rate – When your audiences are deeply happy about the contents of your website, the more likely they will buy or purchase something from you. This process of viewers converting to payers is what we call Conversion. Good and continuous website traffic can definitely be the game changer for you!

5. Bounce Rate decreases significantly – Another thing to ponder about your consistent traffic is your bounce rate. As more and more people visit your website, the lesser they realize that your website isn’t serving its purpose to the viewers. Besides, a great website could handle even the most untargeted traffic or viewer in the internet.

6. Brand awareness will rise – As connected to better SEO and better page ranking, people who continuously see your website on the top of the search engine result pages would be aware of your brand’s existence.

7. Consistent traffic generates to even greater traffic – This could be possible when your “initial traffic” was completely delighted with your website, that they would share the information with their friends. So that means your initial traffic will be producing more and more traffic.

8. Consistency in traffic ensures people’s trust – As a viewer, you would trust a website more if it has “continuous” traffic on its analytics. A website that has consistent website traffic could mean trusted and quality information to your traffic.

9. Continuous traffic can lead to better profit – Continuous traffic that leads to more buyers and more conversion leads to one thing, better profit and earning outcome.

10. All of these things could repeat again and again – Like a never ending loop, continuous traffic would keep on giving more engagement, better rankings, more exposure, much better conversion rate, lesser bounce rate, more brand awareness, even more and more traffic, complete trust from traffic, and lastly, much greater profit.

So there you have it, your starter’s guide with the 10 benefits of consistent web traffic. Take note of these things and get your website moving with consistent targeted traffic.

Image from: http://desertsoapstone.blogspot.com/2012/06/consistency-is-hard.html